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Clearfield Lawn Care Milwaukee

Looking after your lawn is a necessity for homeowners and landlords necessities to ensure curb appeal for the front of your home as well as provide you the ability to enjoy your front and backyard. Although it is possible to do it yourself, getting a reputable lawn care company in Milwaukee will save you time and ensure that your lawn continues to thrive.

Lawn Care Costs in Milwaukee

The cost of lawn care services in Milwaukee will vary based on the specifics of your lawn and what you want the lawn company to maintain. This is why it is necessary to speak to a professional and have them provide you with a very specific quote that includes pricing for one time use as well as weekly or monthly yard care services.

On average, weekly yard care service in Milwaukee costs $45-$150 per visit. Monthly lawn care in Milwaukee costs $75-$200 per month, with the higher prices for add-ons like aeration and fertilization as needed.

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Offering Full Lawn Care Services in Milwaukee

Lawn care maintenance can be quite time consuming, as there are multiple steps to get a great looking lawn. If your lawn has dying grass patches or if there are weeds throughout the entire lawn, you may require multiple services.

Not sure of what type of yard service you are looking for? Here are a few that are available to help you maintain your yard.

Landscaping Services in Milwaukee

Some Milwaukee lawn companies offer a broad array of options that include landscaping services. This could include hedging, pruning, hydroseeding if needed and just making sure your yard is in great shape.

landscaping services Milwaukee
lawn fertilizing service Milwaukee

Lawn Fertilizing Services in Milwaukee

In order to keep your lawn looking great, you may require bi-yearly or yearly lawn fertilization in Milwaukee. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the springtime and this is done so that your lawn receives the nutrients it needs in order to fully grow.

Lawn Aeration Services in Milwaukee

To allow for water, air and nutrients to get to the grass roots, lawn aeration in Milwaukee is what you need. Aeration is the process of digging small holes into your lawn to give the soil more air. Included in this service, lawn dethatching can also be done by using a specialized machine that tears the thatch layer on the grass to help the aeration process succeed.

lawn aeration Milwaukee
weed control Milwaukee

Weed Control Services

Regardless of the type of lawn you have, weeds will at some point come up and have the potential to suffocate the healthy grass. It is recommended to use a monthly or bi-monthly weed control service in Milwaukee to keep these pesky weeds out of the way.

Lawn Treatment Service in Milwaukee

There are many different types of treatments that a company may utilize to keep up the health of your lawn. Because there may be lawn treatments that utilize chemicals, having a professional handle the issue is key.

lawn treatment Milwaukee
lawn maintenance Milwaukee

Regular Lawn Maintenance in Milwaukee

There is a reason most homeowners hire a lawn care company in Milwaukee to take care of their front and backyards. Lawn maintenance could be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly depending on the type of lawn you have and how much land you have.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

It is best to have a uniform amount of water spraying on your lawn to keep it looking good. While some choose to manually water their yards, there is an easier way by having lawn sprinklers professionally installed. By doing this, you can rest assured knowing you will never miss a watering, even if you happen to be out of town.

sprinkler installation Milwaukee
sprinkler repair Milwaukee

Lawn Sprinkler Repair in Milwaukee

If your sprinkler system is having an issue, hire a sprinkler company in Milwaukee to repair the sprinkler as soon as possible to avoid damaging your yard. Whether the sprinkler isn't running properly, or there is a sprinkler head that is broken, it's best to have it taken care of immediately.

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Steps To Get The Best Lawn Care Company in Milwaukee

Hiring the best Milwaukee lawn care company means that your lawn will be cared for and in tip top shape without you having to do it yourself. You'll be able to focus your time on your family, work or just relax while someone else takes care of all the lawn services in Milwaukee your home needs.

Keep in mind some of the following tips:

  • Range of Lawn Services in Milwaukee: Some lawn care companies in Milwaukee offer a full menu of services while others specialize in only a few aspects of lawn maintenance. Ask which services are included or available for you to pick from. If you have trees that need pruning for example, make sure they have the necessary equipment.
  • Referrals/Reviews: The best way to find out how a company works is to speak with their customers or those who have worked with them before. You can ask the company if they have any references or if they have online reviews you can take a look at.
  • Availability: Depending on your needs, you will want to know how often your Milwaukee lawn service will be provided. While some companies offer weekly services, other may only offer them bi-monthly or if you sign a contract.

We Provide Lawn Care Service to All Milwaukee Neighborhoods Including:

  • Alcott Park
  • Alverno
  • Arlington Gardens
  • Arlington Heights
  • Avenues West
  • Baran Park
  • Bay View
  • Bluemound Heights
  • Borchert Field
  • Bradley Estates
  • Brewer's Hill
  • Brown Deer Park
  • Brynwood
  • Buchel Park
  • Burnham Park
  • Calumet Farms
  • Cambridge Heights
  • Cannon Park
  • Capitol Heights
  • Castle Manor
  • Clarke Square
  • Clayton Crest
  • Clock Tower Acres
  • Cold Spring Park
  • College Heights
  • Columbus Park
  • Concordia
  • Cooper Park
  • Copernicus Park
  • Dineen Park
  • Downer Woods
  • Dretzka Park
  • Enderis Park
  • Estabrook Park
  • Euclid Park
  • Fair Park
  • Fairfield
  • Fairview
  • Fernwood
  • Florist Highlands
  • Forest Home Hills
  • Franklin Heights
  • Freedom Village
  • Garden Homes
  • Golden Gate
  • Golden Valley
  • Goldman Park
  • Gra-Ram
  • Graceland
  • Grantosa
  • Granville Station
  • Granville Woods
  • Grasslyn Manor
  • Green Moor
  • Grover Heights
  • Halyard Park
  • Hampton Heights
  • Harambee
  • Harbor View
  • Harder's Oaks
  • Havenwoods
  • Hawley Farms
  • Hawthorne Glen
  • Haymarket
  • Heritage Heights
  • Highwood Estates
  • Hillside
  • Hilltop Parish
  • Historic Mitchell Street
  • Historic Third Ward
  • Holler Park
  • Honey Creek Manor
  • Honey Creek Parkway
  • Jackson Park
  • Johnson's Woods
  • Jones' Island
  • Juneau Town
  • Kilbourn Town
  • King Park
  • Kops Park
  • Lake Park
  • Land Bank
  • Layton Park
  • Lenox Heights
  • Lincoln Creek
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lincoln Village
  • Lindsay Park
  • Little Menomonee Parkway
  • Long View
  • Lower East Side
  • Lyons Park
  • Mack Acres
  • Maitland Park
  • Maple Tree
  • Marquette
  • Martin Drive
  • McGovern Park
  • Melody View
  • Menomonee River Hills
  • Menomonee River Hills East
  • Menomonee River Parkway
  • Menomonee River Valley
  • Merrill Park
  • Metcalfe Park
  • Midtown
  • Mill Valley
  • Miller Valley
  • Mitchell Field
  • Mitchell Park
  • Mitchell West
  • Morgan Heights
  • Morgandale
  • Mount Mary
  • Mount Olivet
  • Murray Hill
  • Muskego Way
  • Nash Park
  • National Park
  • New Coeln
  • North Division
  • North Granville
  • North Meadows
  • Northpoint
  • Northridge
  • Northridge Lakes
  • Old North Milwaukee
  • Park Knoll
  • Park Place
  • Park View
  • Park West
  • Parkway Hills
  • Pheasant Run
  • Pollber Heights
  • Polonia
  • Red Oak Heights
  • Ridgeview
  • River Bend
  • Riverside Park
  • Riverton Heights
  • Riverwest
  • Rolling Green
  • Roosevelt Grove
  • Root Creek
  • Rufus King
  • Saint Amelian's
  • Saint Joseph
  • Saveland Park
  • Schlitz Park
  • Servite Woods
  • Sherman Park
  • Silver City
  • Silver Spring
  • Silver Swan
  • Southgate
  • Southpoint
  • Story Hill
  • Sunset Heights
  • The Valley-Pigsville
  • Thurston Woods
  • Timmerman Airport
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  • Tippecanoe
  • Town And Country Manor
  • Town Of Lake
  • Triangle
  • Triangle North
  • Tripoli Park
  • Upper East Side
  • Uptown
  • Valhalla
  • Valley Forge
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Vogel Park
  • Wahl Park
  • Walker's Point
  • Walnut Hill
  • Washington Heights
  • Washington Park
  • Wedgewood
  • West View
  • Whispering Hills
  • White Manor
  • Wick Field
  • Williamsburg
  • Wilson Park
  • Woodland Court
  • Wyrick Park
  • Yankee Hill
  • Zoo

We Also Serve:

  • Bayside, WI
  • Brookfield, WI
  • Brown Deer, WI
  • Butler, WI
  • Cudahy, WI
  • Elm Grove, WI
  • Fairfield, WI
  • Fox Point, WI
  • Franklin, WI
  • Glendale, WI
  • Greendale, WI
  • Greenfield, WI
  • Hales Corners, WI
  • Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Mequon, WI
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • New Berlin, WI
  • Oak Creek, WI
  • River Hills, WI
  • Shorewood, WI
  • South Milwaukee, WI
  • St. Francis, WI
  • Thiensville, WI
  • Wauwatosa, WI
  • West Allis, WI
  • West Milwaukee, WI
  • Whitefish Bay, WI

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